Volunteer for Snow Sale


The Annual Canterbury Snow Sale is a huge event, and it requires some serious manpower to get it running smoothly. The ski sale has traditionally been powered by volunteers since the beginning of time, and we really appreciate their dedication and effort!

Again, we are going to be needing volunteers for the sale- the sale has the potential to be even bigger than last year’s, so we will need as many hands as possible!

Here are the jobs that need volunteers
– Gear sorting/display
– Checkout counter
– Snowboard gear assistant
– Ski gear assistant
– Ski/boardwear assistant
– Gear pack up
– Anything and everything

Volunteers will get
– Access to pre-sales on Sunday morning
– Free food during volunteer hours


11 thoughts on “Volunteer for Snow Sale

  1. Hi cussc, I signed up to volunteer for the sale a long time ago and have not yet received an email of confirmation, does this mean I will not be working this weekend, or have confirmation emails not been sent out yet?

    Cheers, Robert Hayes


    1. Hi Kate.

      Sign up here Snow sale sign up .

      Thank you very much, and welcome aboard.


      *Canterbury University Snow Sports Club* Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/snowsportsclubuc Instagram – https://instagram.com/cussc/ Video – 100 Reasons to go to Temple Basin Need a ride? – Transport Forum Got a mate who wants to join? Click HERE

      *Discounts* CUSSC Members get 15% off all purchases in store at Gnomes Darfield . CUSSC Members get $12.50 trampolining sessions at Snow Xchange every Wednesday night.We even have a Facebook Group for it.

      On Sat, Apr 2, 2016 at 5:45 PM, Annual Canterbury Snow Sale wrote:



  2. Hi Kim,

    I would like to volunteer for next month’s event
    I can help in – Gear sorting/display, Snowboard gear assistant, Ski/boardwear assistant, Gear pack up and Anything and everything. Thanks



  3. Hi There,

    Just wondering when the form will be up on your site for registration to volunteer for the ski sale next month. Both my father and I are keen!



  4. Hi

    I did register, but haven’t heard anything. Now I can’t find the volunteer form again.. I was trying to register another 3 people . Anyway, we will probably turn up for Saturday morning and can help out most of sunday if needed.

    Is Hannah in charge again? If so, I will email her.




  5. Hi Helen,

    The volunteer roster has just been sent out, sorry for the delay. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday and are grateful for your continued help.



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